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Am I Eating GMO's Part 3

Happy Friday! I've had a pretty good week and I'm glad to have some time to write the LAST post. We have talked about what GMO stands for in PART One and as a recap it means Genetically Modified Organism. GM food is food that had been altered in its DNA. For more check outAm I Eating GMO's Part 1 . In PART Two, I talked about some of the dangers of GM foods. You can check that post out here: Am I Eating GMO's Part 2. Like I said earlier this week there is so much information about GM foods coming out its hard to compile it. There are tons of other sites and blogs that do a better job for sure. If my posts can bring awareness and curiosity to further investigate then I'll be a happy camper :) I hope you enjoy this last post!

Have you ever watched FOOD, Inc, or Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead?? I have watched both and I noticed at the beginning of the movie they have these horrific details of the problems we are facing with our food and health. They go into great detail with words and pictures of how gruesome our problem is. By the end of that part it seems like there is no turning back. AND then the last twenty minutes of the two hour documentary has cheery music with tons of hope and solutions. Well, I feel like that's how I want to end these blog posts. I want to give hope, solutions, and real life ways to make a difference. The truth is there are ways at this time that we can make a difference for ourselves and family's and communities. Thankfully we do have options and have the ability to choose.

Currently there is a ongoing battle between the people of this nation and the major food corporations of America. The food companies who produce genetically modified food are refusing and fighting labeling food that has been genetically engineered. Sad thing is, they introduced genetically modified foods into out food supply back in 1996 without ever telling us. Sure, they wrote it in some document that only a few number of agencies saw but the people didn't have a voice in it. That is not democracy at all. Also I would like to add that 26 other countries have already BANNED GMO's, so why hasn't the US. READ MORE HERE: 26 Countries Ban GMO's, Why not US

My first ray of hope against this monster food aka genetically modified foods is signing up to receive emails from Organic Consumers Associations. They provide a weekly email newsletter which provides info for petitions we can sign and also to stay aware of the bills in our own states. I would encourage you to join the mailing list if your interested in helping that way. Our food supply is a big issue, so please don't look at this as just another email sign up from another This is OUR FOOD!!!

Step 1: Go to the link, Here is the link: Organic Consumers Association

Step 2: On the right side of the blog there is a Subscribe tab, write in your email and submit.

I personally have signed up for there emails and enjoy the information this send. I have also signed petitions to fight for labeling of GM foods.

Next, I would like to talk about this AWESOME independent third party company that verifies food and tests it for GMO's. They have a specific logo that is placed on all products they test. Here are some pictures and I circled the logo in black. The website is here: Non GMO Project. I'm so thankful for this company because at least I can find food that have been tested and I do know if it has GMO's in it. This is also awesome since like I said above the food corporations that grow this tainted food is refusing to have it labeled. Check out this website for more food that has the #nongmo logo! 

Since everybody's situation is different I'd also like to recommend farmers markets, and buying from a local farmer. Our farmers work so hard and make so little. Most small farms are the ones producing this nutrient dense, non gmo food. We need to back them up. Here is a website to find a local farmers market: USDA Farmers Market Some farms have CSA's aka community supported agriculture. I am not part of one at the moment but would love to in the future. Its a system where you pay ahead for the season or year and receive a fresh box of produce weekly or biweekly. Check out more and find a farm near you at this site: Local Harvest

I hope I have given you enough information to get you started. This is where I began and I'm still learning so much. Of course we can't believe everything we see or read but there are a lot of people sharing personal experiences which can help us understand how to take control of our health. Eating food is life or death among us, so what we put in our bodies needs to be the right fuel.

Before I go I wanted to post a picture of a product that contains questionably ingredients. While I cannot assume this product has GMO's, since its not labeled I cannot not assume. Also this product contains three major ingredients in which is associated with being genetically modified.  You probably have this in your fridge, so go check your bottle now. If it contains these ingredients, most likely your eating GMO's. And honestly the GMO's is just the beginning. The eggs that are in here are probably from a chicken that ate GM corn feed. I taught myself how to read food labels a few years ago. At the grocery store it takes me forever because I'm always reading labels.
Possible GMO ingredients: Soybean oil, High fructose corn syrup, and cornstarch

I always encourage independent research. Someone can tell you all day long about GMO's, but its doesn't hit home until you check it out for yourself. Many documentaries have been made that you can watch on Netflix or rent. I will list some below. There are also sites that list problems associated with eating GM foods. Have you ever went to the doctor and they said your fine but you don't feel fine?? Your not crazy!

I would love any feedback! I also am excited to say that in January I will have had my blog for 1 year!! I'm so excited! Although life didn't allow me to write for all the months of the year, I have made a FB page and pinterest, and instagram. Have a wonderful GMO-free weekend, I'll try too :)

Here is a movie about GMO's: SEEDS OF DEATH

Here is the EWG's Shopping guide to avoid GM foods: EWG 2014 Shopping Guide to Avoid GM Foods

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