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My name is Jenn and I so happy you stopped by! I'm a wife and mom to three boys who I stay at home with. Currently I'm homeschooling and really enjoying the challenge. It is said that when you teach something your learning too. This is so true.

 I blog when I can and about the stuff I'm passionate about. I am very into not just "healthy eating" but eating REAL food that actually is fueling our bodies instead of burning them out. If you want your car to run you need the right kind of fuel and your body is the same. I used to eat whatever not even thinking twice but now every time I put something in my mouth I'm thinking how will this benefit or harm my body. Sometimes we don't see the immediate destruction but as we all can see the long term effects of poor eating and nutrition in society today.

After my first pregnancy balanced meal eating became more important to me but the foods I thought were healthy, actually weren't. Then I learned more through two more pregnancies and here I am today. My daily goals are a lower carb, higher protein, lots of good fat, with little to no sugar diet. But with new information and research all the time, I adjust to the new knowledge I receive, for now this is where I'm at. I don't have a name for it because its not a diet, its just a way of living.

My other passions intertwine with this as well, I believe being healthy on the outside with food and such is good and a great START but its just not enough. Our inside selves, our mental and emotional health is important too. I also believe the better we learn about our emotional health and mental health it will help us in turn with healthy eating. We can surely be emotional eaters, habit eaters, and tradition eaters.

While my faith in God is my mental and emotional health, it also requires work on my part. I love to read books about healthy relationships, healing, trauma effects, and historical fiction. The wisdom certainly isn't new, but to us it is.

This blog is about my own healing experiences, my REAL food journey, along with recipes, and whatever else seems to get thrown in there. It helps me to share what I've learned and helps me to continue my healing because surely its a daily process which lasts a lifetime.

Glad you could stop by and read a bit about me. Feel free to email me with any questions @ jen.m.swen@gmail.com. Take Care

~Jenn, Honest Motherhood!

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