Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beginners Essential Oils!? What!? Who!? Why!?

 Essential oils seem to be the newest thaang going on or maybe its an old fad but new to me. Either way they are worth talking about! I recently purchased the doTERRA family physicians kit and have been using them for a while now. They are a daily in our home now and its so true when people say, "I don't know what I did before oils?" Seriously what did I do? Sometimes I think its all in my mind but other times seriously these oils are amazing. I AWAIT THE DAY I CAN GO TO MY FAMILY DOCTOR AND CAN LEAVE WITH A PRESCRIPTION FOR PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL!!!  Come on so called "modern medicine" lets get with the real program.

I just want to soak in on "modern medicine" for a minute. This term makes me giggle. There is nothing modern about medicine when most of the country with this so called "modern medicine" is sicker then most other developed nations!! Forget this modern stuff, I want that old time medicine, you know that stuff that actually brought healing without all the side effects.

On a side note, the technology today has helped many including myself and I am thankful for it when its used rightly.

What!? So back to essentials oils, what are they? Essential oils are as cited by Google: a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Here is a video to further explain from doTERRA.

Plants, herbs, flowers, weeds have been used for who knows how long to heal our body, provide relief from pain, and fight illness. Just by watching nature you can see that animals do this. I was watching a Wild Kratts show with my boys the other day and they were talking about a certain monkey that uses a plant to heal wounds. The animal took the plant, smashed it, ad used it saliva to create a balm of some kind to rub on the wound. It was so cool!

Who!? Personally I have experience with doTERRA essential oils. There are so many companies out that I am learning about. doTERRA is neat because they offer ways to become a wellness advocate and share these oils with others. They also have third party testing to make sure their oils are pure. You don't want to have oils that are diluting or have dangerous chemicals in them, especially if you plan to take them internally. I have heard good and bad about other companies but I will not go into any detail. My experience with doTERRA has been good and I will continue to utilize these oils and share them. I do plan on looking into other companies because any good investigator checks out what else is available and compares.

Why!? Why should I use essential oils? What currently are your biggest health concerns? Weight loss or gain, headaches, back pain, fevers, rashes, etc. I can list almost all problems we face as humans and say there's an oil for that! Personally I get headaches, and i refuse o take Tylenol or any over the counter. I'd rather suffer through it then take something that will mask my symptom and actually make it worse. So when I first used peppermint oil for my headache and within about 5 minutes of putting it on I felt relieve, I knew why I wanted to use essential oils. Some of you might be okay taking over the counter stuff but I would say why use chemical laden cleaning spray when you only needed water to clean it up. More simply don't use what you don't have to when you have a natural method of healing yourself. Less is more, and no side effects.

This is a basic post about essential oils, a beginners read. Remember not all oils are created equal, do your homework, and don't use more then you need to when you spill water :)

If you have questions, concerns, comments please let me know. If you are interested in purchasing oils please contact me so I can tell you about the ways you can save. You can go to this link to check out doTERRA and look at the oils, My doTERRA Store. For specific health concerns let me know so I can give you the information about recommended oils. Check back for future essential oil posts.

Have a wonderful night!

~Honest Motherhood

I am not a physician and am only speaking from personal experience and investigation.

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