Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Link Up with The Modest Mom Blog!

I decided to do a link up today! I have been seeing a lot of my favorite bloggers linking up and I thought it would be a great start to the week. I'm sorry I have not been writing, I have been busy with starting my business. I can't wait to share more about that on my blog in future posts.

I saw a link at The Modest Mom Blog and her Monday link up! I was excited to find this link up because modesty is important to me. Modesty is not just about the way you dress, its an entire attitude. When I first learned about modesty it was so foreign to me but with God's help the purpose and meaning grew in my heart and has taken a hold of me. I'm thankful God gave me this beautiful understanding and I'm still learning.

I decided to share some of my favorite modest outfits. I have really come to be fond of long skirts, pretty blouses, girly scarfs and hats. I used to purchase all my long skirts from Maurice's but they have recently stopped selling them. I was so sad, I wrote them and asked why they discontinued this item when SO many of us rely and purchase these long skirts. They had not one good answer. I simply told them I hoped they would reconsider in the future. For now I plan to just make my own skirts and search around at thrift stores.

A friend of mine, Casey, over at Simple Joy Crafting invited me over one day and taught me the wonderful skill of making my own skirts! What a helpful skill to acquire. I have made many skirts out of the old pants I used to wear. It was resourceful and a great way to recycle the old pants.

Here are a few of my recent outfits: (Sorry some are not my full outfit, I realized that I don't take many full body photos, probably because Mom is always taking pictures of everyone else and with the invention of selfies, you can't get the whole picture. I will work on that.)

This is a casual outfit for me. I would wear this going to the grocery store or meeting up for a play date. Its hard to dress down when you always wear a skirt! I remember one day talking to an older woman I respected and telling her how I missed the days I would run out in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Her reply has stuck with me and I doubt I'll forget it. She said "Remember that you are a representative of Jesus Christ". Wow! Its like if you were working for a company and they required dress coats and ties to represent the company in a professional way.

Hat: Target Clearance

Coat: Apt. 9 (Clothes Mentor Resale Shop)

Skirt: Maurice's

This was a Sunday before church. I have been trying different ways to wear head-coverings. I really like this head wrap and felt confident wearing it. The colors weren't too bright and blended well with my hair color.

Head Wrap: Walmart Scarf

Coat: Worthington (JCpenney)

This is my favorite hat. It easily matches almost anything and it has an adorable feminine bow on it. Its easy to just toss a hat on and roll my hair into a bun. I like styles that don't take me long to get ready. Especially with three little ones to help get ready in the morning, I need to be quick!

Hat: Target

Sweater: Target

Shirt: Old Navy (I really like to have some tanks, tees and extra shirts with a high neckline to use under shirts/clothes that may be more revealing. Old Navy has some great shirts for this in many colors.)

Skirt: Maurice

In the winter months I always wear leggings under my skirts to keep me warm. I don't miss that feeling of freezing jeans on my legs in the winter! I also like to wear boots to keep my feet and legs warm and dry. Next winter I need to invest in some better boots because while I was warm this winter, my feet did get wet.

This is one my favorite recent picture of mine. I'm wearing my favorite  hat of course because it matches easily. I am wear a beautiful blazer with lace in the back. I'll have to take another picture showing the pretty back. We had just got back from a long morning of library book hunting.

Hat: Target

Blazer: Cherry Pickers Resale Shop

Shirt: Old Navy

Julain is wearing a handsome button up from Old Navy and sporting a yellow care bear!!

I hope you enjoyed my Monday Link up with The Modest Mom Blog as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Encouragement for today!!

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