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Sick Kids! What Can You Do? 4 Quick Tips!! Great for Adults Too!!

*This is my personal advice, I'm not a doctor just an experienced mom.*

I hear this question so much, especially from new moms when their kids are sick, "I feel so helpless". I used feel this as a mom and sometimes you still do. I was so thankful to learn that we can do our part to help our sick kiddos. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves. If we give our bodies the right tools it can help it function and heal quickly.

You know when you go the doctor in the middle of the night because your child hasn't slept a wink and neither have you, and the doctor says its a virus and there's nothing we can do but wait it out. Well, there is not much the doc can do, BUT there is a ton you CAN DO!! I can feel the excitement on a new moms face to hear these words!

Here are some suggestions next time your feeling helpless. You can try all, just a few or just one, every little bit helps:

1. Garlic Toast
  • Toast
  • REAL Salt
  • Fresh Garlic, OR Jarred
  • Butter or (Healthy Balance for Non-Dairy 

This is so simple, and can be easily overlooked but it truly has helped my kids tremendously!! I will let you know the exact things I use, but you can use whatever you have on hand. I used Ezekiel Bread, preferably grass-fed butter, fresh garlic or jarred garlic, and a dash of REAL salt. For a gluten free version try Ezekiel gluten free bread, or another brand. Personally I steer clear of gluten most of the time BUT Ezekiel Organic Bread is made from a sprouted grain that is a complete protein. Its fair different than regular bread on the shelf. In fact you will only find Ezekiel Bread in the freezer section. Always store in freezer or fridge. My kids like this bread toasted. For Babies pureed garlic can be added to food.

Garlic is naturally antiviral, toast is gentle on the stomach, REAL salt helps to absorb the good nutrients and butter is for taste but if grass fed has wonderful healthy fats.

2. Epsom Salt and Ginger Baths (AKA Dirty Bath)
I learned this from my chiropractor back in Appleton at Appleton Chiropractic, Dr. Kristy Otto. She is wonderful, a great listener and amazing at what she does!
  • Bathtub filled with safe level of water
  • 2-3 drops doTERRA ginger oil, OR 1/2 cup Fresh Ginger, OR 1 Tsp Ginger Powder
  • 1/2-1 Cup Epsom Salt
Fill up the bathtub, use doTERRA ginger oil, OR fresh ginger, OR ginger powder. Pour Epsom salt and let dissolve. Let kids soak for about 15-20 minutes and play :) **They will be sweaty after this bath and will need to drink fluids.**
Epsom salt helps to draw out toxins, relieves stress, helps muscle pain, and can relieve constipation! And much more. Here is a wonderful article for further reading Epsom Salt Uses and Benefits. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for healing an ailing body. Here is more info on Ginger baths.

3. doTERRA Essential Oils (Use a little oil, often. One drop every hour or two for a couple days, even if symptoms seem better. Try oils like you would an antibiotic)

I thought this picture of Julian trying to get my oils was priceless, but I was to quick for him!
You can use:
  • On Guard protective blend, 1 drop diluted with fractionated coconut oil, rub on feet. Rub on throat if its sore. 
  • Lavender for calming/bedtime, 1 drop diluted with fractionated coconut oil, rub on feet, pillow
  • Lemon Oil, one drop in 8fl oz of water.
  • Breathe, one drop diluted with fractionated coconut oil, rub on back by lungs for help with breathing. 
This list could go on and on. There are SO many possibilities with oils and you just have to find what works well for your family. Consistency is key. If you have questions about essential oils please read Beginners Essential Oils and contact me for any questions, and possible samples.

4. Kids Cold Care Traditional Medicinal TEA

  • One cup warm water
  • one packet tea
  • 1-2 TBSP honey for sweetener & health
Its very important to remember to get kids tea for kids and review the label for correct usage. Kids tea has the proper amounts of herbs suggested for children's use. I always put honey in my kids tea because they like the taste but also because honey has many great health properties. Honey is a great throat soother, and is packed with nutrients to help your body. Tea has antioxidants and offers a calming effect. My kids always feel great after drinking tea.

Don't feel helpless moms, dads, and even grandparents! We can help.

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