Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~Easy Homemade Chicken Broth~

The health that is in chicken broth is amazing, that is why I learned how to make my own. I attached this GREAT article on the healing effects of bone broth from Dr. Mercola's website. Its a great read and very informative. I would encourage you to read it if you are really serious about learning to make your own chicken broth, it will get you excited about making it! Also, Dr. Mercola has an even BETTER recipe and way of making broth, although its more time consuming. {NOTE}I'm just trying to help moms out who need quick, easy recipes for their family, but if you have more time then I would suggest trying his method.

You can use your chicken broth to make soups, boil noodles in, make rice with, or quinoa.

Just about every week when I'm planning my meals I use chicken meat. BUT instead of buying chicken breasts, I usually purchase the whole chicken. Its ALWAYS cheaper and I can get two meals out of one chicken. So for example I will make chicken soup with some meat and a stir fry with the leftover meat.

EASY Homemade Chicken Broth

Crock pot {If you don't have a crock pot, you can do this in a large pot on the stove, put in water and chicken and bring to boil, then set to low and let simmer uncovered for about 4 hours, add more water after 2 hours if its getting low}
1 whole free range chicken, thawed

Place you whole chicken in the crock pot, fill with water about 1/2-3/4 full. Turn crock pot on for most convenient time for you. If your gonna be home set for 4 hours, if your going to work all day set for 10 hrs.

When chicken is all done, let it cool. Then pull chicken out. Use strainer to strain broth for unwanted bones or meat pieces. Strain broth and pour into a container until ready for use. You can freeze your broth or place it in the freezer if you know you will be using it that week.

You can store your broth in many ways, glass jars, tuberware, or even plastic ziplocs if thats all you have on hand. It takes time to build up a kitchen with gadgets, so use what you have until you can buy what you'd like :)


After you have picked all the meat off, place the remaining bones in a pot full of water and simmer for anywhere from 20-60 minutes. Whatever time you have. The longer you simmer the more health in your broth. Then strain out bones, use for chicken soup immediately and just add veggies and meat OR store in container until you use.


Since this is homemade broth it will harden and become gel-like if stored or leftovers are placed in fridge. This is okay and normal, once its warmed it will return to its liquid state. :)


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