Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Year~2014

So you gotta start somewhere, and this is my somewhere. I love writing, I'm on the Web way more than I want to be, so I figure I better be productive. I want to learn how to blog and become a great blogger. For 2014 I have made some ambitions and here is my list:

 1. Learn the piano
2. Excercise
3. Eat Healthy
4. LEARN to blog

I have wanted to play the piano since I was a young girl. I have always enjoyed the beautiful music that comes out of the piano. My husband bought me a piano about a year ago and so far I have taught myself the main keys, I also taught my 6 year old the main keys, beyoud that I haven't a clue. So I'm going to be watching tutorials and teaching myself this year!

Now my list for what I want to accomplish is way longer but I'll focus on these 4 things at least this month, who knows next month I might be onto something else. Thats just me. I get bored easily and don't like doing the same things over and over, but as I age I have noticed I'm getting better at being consistent and forming healthy daily habits.

I don't always enjoy excersize but its something I WANT to do. Most of my 30 minutes on the eliptical consists of thoughts like "This Burns!" "Its only 30 minutes of your day" "Your almost done!"

My Favorite part is lifting weights. Now I do not lift a lot at all, just enough to get resistance. I'm not trying to body build but rather gain muscle and become stronger. As you age its important to maintain strength to help prevent bone fractures and keep your spine aligned, among many others reasons of course. But I suppose those are some of my reasons. I also work out with my husband and view it as time spent together talking about our day, and just enjoying doing something together.

I really enjoy my after workout routine, it consists of calming stretches and some yoga and just a calm down peaceful state. In fact thats where I like to be most of my day in a peaceful state, however life has a way of bringing me out of that peaceful state.

I have a true passion for eating heathly, making healthy family meals, giving my kids healthy snack choices and just overall a interest in food and how it contains so many nutrients and vitamins. And how we can use food to heal ourselves rather than medication. I'm very interested in natural healing. I spend a good amount of time cooking, and baking so I want to do it well. I'm having my first REAL food party on January 25th, I got the idea from Wholesome Mommy Blog, and wanted to do it too! How great to get together with people you love and care about and share ideas on how to live healthy! To me its great.

My last pregnancy, which was my third child I was diagnosed at gestational diabetic based on my 3 hour glucose testing. My nurse wanted to do more testing and possible medication. I declined. I determined that I would rather see the nutritionalist and learn better how to naturally manage this. It was a challenge at first but I was very adamant about no medication. I felt it would do more harm to my baby and me. I was giving a testing monitor which greatly helped me discover the foods that were spiking my glucose. I took those out of my diet and my glucose was fine. Thank God. I'm very thankful that I had enough knowledge to know medication wasn't my only choice and that I could choose to take control of my health.

 I'm also striving for a chemical free environment, so I like to use many natural cleaning products. I enjoying making my own concoctions and I'm constantly educating myself on how to save money and use prducts that clean well but without living my home laden with toxic chemicals. I want to create a peaceful, safe haven for my family to come for peace and rest.

Lastly I'm learning to blog, I have done it before but not consistently. So this is going to be a challenge. I do love to write but sometimes I get lazy with it :)

I hope for this blog to not only encourage Mom's but to encourage anyone. Although I am a Mom and my focus is on my family and raising my children, many topics are revelant to anyone in any stage of life. Also if there is a health topic you would like covered or researched please let me know.

~Jenn Swen~


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