Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My REAL Food Journey~Knowledge is Power!

 I'm very much into natural healing, whole foods, raw eatin', and natural cleanin'! I'm a FOODIE, that is a word by the way and here is the definition, "a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food" taken from Why have I become so enthusiastic about food, you ask?

Well, about two or so years ago I started having digestive issues, gassy, bloating, feeling sick after eating, dizziness, foggy, and an overall feeling of sickness. I decided to go to a clinic and get tested for allergies. The Doc said I was fine and my tests were normal, but I wasn't feeling normal :/ So in the last 2 or so years (BTW I'm really bad at estimating time, so it was basically awhile I began my research and WOW, have I learned SO much! Yet I have so much more I what to learn and know because of what I've researched already. In short, I found out that our food system is a MESS!! We have GMO's, Artificial Flavors, Colors, Yellow # This and that, Antibiotics, Hormones, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and about tons of other science experiments in our food today.

So this is what I did, I taught myself the basics of reading food labels, I went to the library and found books on how to read food labels, researched reading food labels on the Internet and starting reading the labels of all my food at the grocery store. Anytime I couldn't understand the 50 ingredient long list, I would write it down and look it up when I got home. Most, not all, but most of the food I purchase now has usually 5 or less ingredients. And I know what those ingredients are.

It was a slow process, but I began tossing out food because I couldn't eat it after knowing what was in it. After watching the documentary Food, INC, I was so grossed out and upset with TYSON foods, that I went straight into my freezer and tossed out my new unopened bag of TYSON chicken breasts. YUCK!(Watch Food, INC and tell me if your not tempted to do the same) I NEVER buy Tsyon chicken anymore.  Then I started buying antibiotic free/hormone free chicken, usually harvestland, Walmart and Copps foods carries this brand.

Now, I shop mostly at Woodmans and I buy either organic whole chicken when I can afford it, or the brand Just Bare Whole Chicken. I can usually get two meals out of one whole bird :) And I love making soups with the chicken stock, the health in the bone broth just makes me

Another thing I really picked up on quickly was how everything had corn in it. This to me was a mystery I wanted to solve. I rented the movie King Corn from the library and then I began to understand why everything has corn in it. Now its not the whole kernel or corn but its a very refined, isolated part of the corn. The greatest analogy I ever heard was made on the documentary called Hungry For Change(A sort of sequel to Food Matters). A man said something like, when you have the coco plant, it makes a very good tea and has health benefits when in its natural form, but when you refine it and make cocaine it becomes dangerous and a drug. This is exactly the SAME as high fructose corn syrup. Corn is great on the cob, or in a salsa, but when you break it down so much as to take only the fructose or sugar out of it and use it as addictive sweeteners in foods like ketchup, salad dressing, milk, it becomes dangerous and a drug. High fructose corn syrup is addictive, and the sooner you can wean off it and get foods without it the BETTER off you are. Also, corn is cheap. Monsanto a major food giant, who is now patenting seeds, yes seeds, has made a genetically modified seed for corn. The genectic modified corn is heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals and its DNA is altered.

This is A LOT of info but its a great start and its where I started. I will continue to write more posts about my food journey, and what I have learned. If your on a real food journey I'm here to encourage you, you can do it! Please ask any questions you'd like and let me know how your real food journey started.


Here are links to the documentaries I mentioned, you can also rent them at your local library.
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