Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Journey To Healing~Day 1~Science Based Nutrition

Recently, I have found a new chiropractor for my family. I liked my old chiropractor but we were looking for a chiropractic office that offered more. Well, I found it! A few months back or maybe like a year ago(once again I'm not good at remember time lengths) , I noticed a sign on a pole outside of this Chiropractic office that said "What does your blood say about you?", every time I passed, I would wonder about it. I was curious what the sign meant and what my blood said about me. I was happy with my current situation and chiropractor so I didn't think about moving. But for some reason I eventually called that office with the sign outside on the pole, now it reads welcome Dr. Kristi Kennedy Otto.

Its called Appleton Chiropractic, and its located in Appleton, WI across from Copps on Wisconsin Ave. Dr. Roy is my husbands doc and Dr. Kristi is mine and the boys. After my first meeting with Dr. Kristi I knew I was in the right place. I didn't feel weird about all my health nut theories and could talk about the research Ive done without surrounding doubts. It felt good. I began getting adjusted, along with using the decompression machine and vibration plate. This was my first experience with both these kinds of machines. Dr. Kristi said that the compression machine will "Fluff up my marshmellows in between my legos". LOL, I love it! And then she said the vibration plate is great for cleaning out your lymph system. Currently I still use those machines, and now started some muscle strengthening machines. I have also used micro-current, and had a detoxification foot bath.

The detox foot bath was interesting, and it freaked me out a little bit. When I was finished I felt a bit anxious. Some people report feeling cleansed but not me. I have never had a foot detox bath and I'm assuming I had a heavy load to release in there and it was just a bit overwhelming for my body so it reacted with a bit of anxiety. I felt great the days following and my body continued to detox.

I said all that though to say I also found out what my blood says about me! I had the blood and hair analysis ran and my results were worse than I hoped but nonetheless good to know about. Some of the things I have been going through have been confirmed by it and I was also given a complete list of the vitamins I need. The program is called SBN, Science Based Nutrition.
I just started the vitamin part of the program today, but made the food changes about a week ago. I had already been altering my diet but with this new tool to help I have decided to take out all gluten and most dairy from my diet. My focus is on eating meats and vegetables. Really trying to cut sugars since my main concern right now is healing my gut and sugar can aggravate the gut.

I was planning on blogging my journey to healing as I call it. So today is Day 1. This morning when I woke up, I drank a full bottle of clean spring water and took my probiotics in a bit of almond milk, and then got all my vitamins out. It took me about a half hour to get them together and take them all. I felt pretty good and still feel pretty good.

SO, What does your blood say about you?

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