Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paper Flowers Tutorial with Mod Podge Jar {Craft Time}

Last weekend we went to visit Grandma for a very special occasion. The boys and I decided to get crafty and make a special gift. So I decided to make flowers that would last longer then a week, and after the flowers were made my imagination kept going and we turned out with this :) Grandma really liked it!

To make this craft you will need:
Construction paper, and/or pages from an old book
Glue Stick
Mod Podge
White Out Pen
Cleaned out glass jar from pickles or jelly
Scrap from cutting out your paper flowers 

Step 1: Trace a line making your construction paper into a square {It doesn't have to be perfect}
Step 2: Draw a spiral on your square as seen in the picture

Step 3: Cut out your spiral
Step 4: Cut off the piece of paper where to square part ends and the spiral begins
Step 5: Use your glue stick and spread on outside part of spiral
Step 6: Rub glue into your glitter until all glue is covered in glitter

Step 7: Start with the outside end of your spiral and fold it over in tiny folds a few times {Am I doing good at explaining? LOL Good Thing I have pictures to help}
Step 8: Now tightly fold the remaining paper until you get to the last curve

Step 9: While holding the middle of your flower slowly allow the "petals" to release and widen. Do this to your liking.
Step 10: While still holding the middle and button of your flower, place a good amount of glue on your base, which is also the inner part of your spiral and press down.

Yay! You just made your first flower! How did I do for my first tutorial? Please let me know. What can I improve? What did I do good on?

If you have questions about the rest of the project let me know, I figured the rest was pretty simple and you can get creative and make your own jars. Also if your interested in seeing how the book page flower was done, let me know and I'll add that.

After you made your flowers, you can create "stems" by simply rolling green construction paper. I used tape to secure them to the bottom of the flower, if you have a glue gun it may make it easier on you. { I don't have one yet}

Get creative with your jar and decorate as you want. Our jar was for Grandma but it can be for whoever you want.  I cut out a heart and used the white out pen to write on the jar. BUT if your going to use the white out pen I would suggest covering it with Mod Podge to make sure it stays and doesn't rub off eventually.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! And please post pictures so I can see how yours turns out. BTW My 6 year old was able to do this with me and make the flowers, so let the kids join too :)

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