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!Kombucha! {Helpful Video Link Tutorial}

Kombucha is a raw, fermented tea, but don't run away from it yet! It is filled with good gut bacteria called probiotics. Its known and said to have many health benefits even beyond your precious tummy.

I really liked this article for What is Kombucha, if you have more questions. the article goes into more detail about its origins.

Fermented foods used to be a part of our ancestors diet, but in these days we have such accessibility and refrigeration that fermented foods have been put on the back burner. I believe its part of the reason our GUTS are so torn up! With our American diets killing us, we need to check back into history and see what our ancestors did. 

When you make kombucha you will need a culture called a scoby.

What is a SCOBY?  
SCOBY stands for symbiotic culture of friendly bacteria and yeast and thats just what it is.

Where can I get a SCOBY?
1.You can buy a starter culture from Cultures for Health. 2. You can ask a friend that brews kombucha if they have a SCOBY, since a new SCOBY is made everytime you make a new batch of kombucha.
3. Or you can start your own using a bottle of store bought raw, unflavored, original kombucha. { I found mine at woodmans}

I really like this videa by holistic habits and used it to make both my own SCOBY and my kombucha. She does a great job explaining exactly what to do and how to make kombucha and also how to make the SCOBY.

Its easy to make kombucha regularly after you have your SCOBY, so try it out and see what goodness you can come up with! You can make flavored juices with it, sodas, popsicles, and I'm sure more then what I know. I hope this little article helped. These are all the questions I had when I first learned about kombucha.

Have Fun!

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