Monday, March 31, 2014

Frozen Elsa Cape {tutorial w/ pictures}

I bought the movie Frozen this last week because we all enjoyed it so much. I was kind of upset at myself though, because I rented it from family video the week prior, and ended up keeping it overdue. I paid almost $20 in late fees. No bueno :( I should have just bought it right away since it would have cost the same amount!

You live and you learn :) My sister in law saw a pin on pinterest for making an Elsa cape rom the movie Frozen, for my niece, and asked if I could make it.  I said yes, of course! This project was actually really simple, and easy to make. I looked at a bunch of tutorials to find ideas and then went to work. I think this tutorial is one of the best. It turned out great and I'm so excited for my niece!

I found my fabric at JoAnns Fabric Store, and it was really on sale. I always look at the sale stuff before I pay full price because fabric can get costly.

1. To start fold your fabric in half. I folded the widest part of the fabric, so it would make a longer train for the cape, but it would be smaller around the neck.

2. I started by sewing the top part of the cape where the neck would go. I used my iron to press the fold I made for a hem. I folded it twice because this fabric is very thin and you need a good amount for the string to really hold it nicely.

3. I then pinned my hem, and got to sewing the hem. I made sure to sew over the ends of the hem twice, just to make sure it would hold nicely.

4. Now, I took thread and a needle and went about 2 inches from my hem. I just weaved in and out of the fabric and when it was though to the end, I just pushed the fabric down the string to make frillies :)

5. Next I carefully held my frillies as I guided them through my sewing machine to make the neck piece of the cape.

6. I took my pins and pinned a piece of ribbon on my sewing line over the frillies that I did. I left about half a foot (6 inches) of ribbon hanging off each side of the cape, so my niece would have a way to keep it tied on.

7. After that, I hemmed the bottom of the garment the same way I hemmed the top. I made a double fold, used my iron to press it, pinned it and sewed it.

8. Then just like above I pinned a piece of ribbon along my hem line and sewed that on, but without leaving any hanging off. I just pinned it underneath and sewed it on so the end were secure. And I made sure to double stitch the ends.

9. Lastly, I used my sharpie paint marker and made the snowflakes! They are so pretty!

Sorry if my sewing lingo is bad, I don't really know many terms and am just learning myself! I hope I explained it enough to understand and if not hopefully the pictures fill in the gaps. Have fun making your Elsa cape!

While I was sewing, my little guys were outside enjoying the beautiful weather and getting muddy! At first his face was so serious because I told him he was to messy to walk in the house, then I said smile! It was really cute. We also had beautiful walk to the park and got to play. It was a nice day.

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