Sunday, March 9, 2014

Little Girls Headband & Apron {Great for Beginners}

I have been using my sewing machine a lot more lately, and I think I'm improving. My mind is starting to see ahead of my project, which REALLY helps when your sewing. So, I'm encouraging anyone who is a beginner at sewing or who wants to learn, TAKE THE CHALLENGE AND DON'T GIVE UP! In the beginning you will make mistakes, get frustrated, break a few needles, but you will be setting the groundwork to becoming a proficient in the sewing world! You will be able to know how to make clothes in case anybody needs them! LOL.

And when you do make your first project you will be soo proud and excited, BUT you may not use it because while you did a really good job, its not really that good, you still need to work out some kinks.

This week I decided to work on some sewing projects for my niece who is turning 4 years old. I have three boys and don't get the chance at making girly things a lot unless they are for me, so I get excited when I have the opportunity :) I was looking on pinterest for some neat ideas and found this awesome headband tutorial and super easy apron pattern tutorial. They were easy to follow, and had great pictures! I can't wait to try making my own patterns and upload my PDF files for all of you. Until then you can enjoy my tried and true projects, and there owner links!

I have made head bands before on my own without a tutorial and they turned out okay but this tutorial really helped! I bought some fabric that was on sale for 80% at JoAnns fabric, and used some scraps from my own supply, which made the cost of my project very affordable. The real critic will be the person receiving the gift! Nonetheless I truly enjoyed making this headband and apron.

Check back for more tried and true sewing tutorials and hopefully some of my very own!

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